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    What clients are saying

    Casual and knowledgeable presenter that kept the class engaged. Stayed on time and provided ample space for questions and comments from the audience.

     It was a wonderful presentation! I loved the balance of theory and personal anecdotes in the presentation, and it helped make the concepts more applicable. I also really appreciated Michelle’s presence and the way she engaged our class.


    I am very open with people about my experiences with therapy – individual and couples. I tell people that couples therapy was the best thing I could have done, not only for our relationship, but myself. Individual therapy is obviously very helpful, but to go to therapy with the person you love the most was by far the biggest eye opener. You get to see yourself and your behavior from another person’s perspective. Everything I learned in couples therapy I use in every aspect of my life since life is all about relationships. I learned more about myself and how I can be a better person in all of my relationships (family, work, friendships). I learned that only I can make myself happy or fulfill my life, I can’t put that responsibility on anyone else. Of the many years of therapy, working with Michelle was by far the most transformative.



    Michelle Collins therapeutically engaged me and my spouse. At the time I didn’t recognize it because of my inability to accept the faults of my relationship. More often than not people like to blame others when things are not going as good as one would like. Unfortunately, I have to apologize to you for being one of those persons for not recognizing all that she has done with and for me and my partner. Therapeutically, her guidance and support has allowed us to self reflect and get in the place of balance and peace in our marriage, in which I know would have been overlooked and neglected without your guidance. Again, I thank her and recognize her ability to reshape relationships through encouraging us to work on ourselves, by guiding us to recognize individually what we contribute to where we are and where we want to be in partnership.



    We did our pre-marriage counseling with Michelle. She was so wonderful. We both loved her. Since we hadn’t done counseling before, both of us were a little nervous about it before we started. Michelle put us at ease from the start and we both gained so much from our sessions– she gave us so many tools for success. We even enjoyed the process a lot, which neither of us expected.



    Michelle provided a place to safely have conversations without any judgement, allowing my partner and I to feel comfortable with opening up.