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    Your Trauma Doesn't Define You

    The Healing Hearts Community was created to change Black and Brown women’s story with trauma. We understand that many women have been pushed to ignore, deny, hide, or just get over their trauma — but that does not lead to healing, it only creates more hurt. We believe our members deserve to have the relationship they want with their trauma and we are here to support that.

    Healing Hearts offers three membership levels. Members will have access to weekly meetings led by Asé staff, member-only discussion boards and online community via Tribe, monthly newsletters, and a finale event focused on healing, restoration, and growth.

    Take Charge of Your Healing

    My Heart is Heavy

    For women who have not had a chance to be open about their trauma story or have not received adequate support in processing their trauma.

    You will attend 12 weekly, virtual, processing sessions geared towards hearing your story and creating a circle of support for you. Each session will last 2-2.5 hours. While the group is not the same as individual therapy, the processing group offers some of the same benefits of therapy such as treatment goals and therapeutic interventions. The goal of the group is to change your relationship with your trauma.

    You will have access to group discussion boards via private online community space. You will receive monthly newsletters with articles, tips, and strategies around trauma and its impact on you. This group will have no more than 10 members to provide safety, comfort, and space for all participants.

    Valued at $150 per session, members of our Spring cohort will pay only $100 per session. Membership is limited to residents of Maryland and DC only.

    My Heart is Mending

    For women who have had the opportunity to process their trauma or are currently in therapy to do so. Folks in this group may feel ready to move their healing to the next level by participating in a peer support group led by trained professionals.

    Members will have access to 12 virtual support group meetings led by Ase’s trauma expert Kalphria Wilson. These groups offer support via conversation and resource sharing. Each session will last 1.5-2 hours. You will have access to community discussions via private online forum. You will receive monthly newsletters with articles, tips, and strategies around trauma and its impact on you

    Group size is limited to 10 members to promote community and safety. Members will pay $50 per session. Folks from anywhere in the US can participate.

    Maintaining Mami

    For women who are looking for a curated safe space with access to educational resources and community, the maintenance membership could be right for you. This plan is optimal for folks who have already received support or are currently receiving support in processing their trauma. Members of the maintenance plan will appreciate access to our online Healing Hearts community and can access materials that will help continue their growth and restoration. Any woman anywhere can access join this membership.

    We Meet You Where You Are

    The Healing Hearts Community offers three ways to engage in your growth with your trauma story. This space was designed by licensed therapists and it centers on communal healing inspired by Black and Brown cultures. We added education, resources, and structured meetings making Healing Hearts a decolonized program that will help you change the way you carry your trauma story.

    "Healing Hearts" Trauma Support Community

    Welcome to your healing. Asé’s “Healing Hearts” is membership based therapeutic community for Black and Brown women who have experienced trauma. Read more to see why you should become a member and heal your heart today.


    "Healing Hearts" is an exclusive community for Black and Brown women who have experienced any type of trauma at any point in their life. People looking to heal from painful experiences can join and meet women from similar backgrounds with the same goal. Through connection and support, members can build their own world of people who really get it.


    Members will have access to education and guidance in how to change their relationship with trauma, understand the impact of trauma on the body, and unpack how trauma impacts their day-to-day. Weekly meetings will be led by Asé trauma expert, Kalphria Wilson, with the assistance of Asé therapist, Michelle Collins.


    Asé means the symbolic power/resources to change internally. If you're here, that means you are ready to increase your personal asé when it comes to living peacefully with your trauma. We are here to support that growth and are confident that this community is exactly what you need. Asé, asé


    Q: When does the community open/begin?

    A: The last day to register is 02/28/2022. The community will begin in March 2022.

    Q: Can I join if I do not identify as a Black or Brown woman?

    A: Yes, our community is open to all. Nonetheless, it was built specifically for Black and Brown women. Therefore, if you are a non-Black or Brown woman looking to join, please understand that some content material and discussion points may revolve around those identities. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Q: When will groups meet?

    A: The schedule is still being finalized but groups will be held on Tuesday or Thursday evenings (EST).

    Q: Will my insurance cover the costs of the membership?

    A: Yes! For those that enroll in “My Heart is Heavy”, your services are reimbursable by insurance. We can provide a statement with all the information needed by insurance to reimburse you. If you want to know how much your insurance will pay, we recommend calling your member services and asking how much your plan pays for procedure code: 90853.

    Q: I can’t afford either membership, but really need support. What should I do?

    A: Provide your email and phone number below, let’s talk more about how we can best support you.

    Q: Can I participate if I am not a cisgender woman?

    A: We believe this group could be a fit for you but would love to talk more to ensure the space will feel inclusive. Please provide your contact information below and we look forward to speaking with you.

    Let's Talk about Healing Today

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