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    Premarital Therapist Training

    My Prepapre/Enrich workshops are fun, clear, and useful! My experience as a licensed marriage and couple therapist along with my certification in Prepare/Enrich allows me to teach participants how to engage couples (at any stage in their relationship life cycle) in communication, intimacy, and connection.

    In my training, you will receive the Prepare/Enrich therapist’s manual and client material, supplemental visual aids for teaching communication and conflict resolution, and access to a FREE monthly peer supervision group to discuss clinical challenges, marketing strategies, and professional goals.

    If you’re interested in registering for the workshop or having the training delivered to your staff, email us today and we will register you for our upcoming Spring or Summer training. Hurry, our trainings fill up fast.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much is the training?

    A: The training is $195/person. There is a group discount for registrations of 10 or more people.

    Q: What makes your workshop different than others offered by Prepare/Enrich Facilitators?

    A: In my training, you will learn culturally competent ways to implement the program, ways to use the program for newlywed and seasoned couples, how to work with high conflict couples, how to increase revenue with the program, marketing the program, and how to use the program for working with adoptive and stepfamilies. My specialized experience as a couple and family therapist will enhance your understanding and implementation of the Prepare/Enrich model. For a copy of my resume, please click here.