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    Support Groups

    You should participate in group therapy if:

    1. You are looking to build community with like-minded people
    2. Appreciate hearing other experiences similar to yours
    3. Want to do something in addition to therapy to support your healing
    4. Are on a waitlist to receive therapy and need support while waiting*

    Learn more about our current groups below

    When and Where?

    Mondays from 5:30pm-6:30pm

    10 W. Eager Street Baltimore, MD 21201

    Who is the group for?

    This group is perfect for: 

    • Children with behavioral difficulties
    • Parents who are having difficulty connecting with their child
    • Children who have experienced trauma
    • Kids having social/emotional challenges
    • Children that have recently experienced stress or change
    • Children who are withdrawn, depressed, fearful, shy, acting out, angry, non-compliant
    What to Expect?

    This group will involve structured play between parents and their children. Each week, parents will receive an email prior to the Monday meeting describing the plan and purpose of play. It works best if there are no more than 2 children per parent. This group is especially great for busy working parents looking for easy and quick ways to connect with their child. Group is limited to no more than 10 children and their caregivers/parents. Each group session is $35; this can be paid via credit card, HSA/FSA, or cash/check. CareFirst, Cigna, and UnitedHealth insurances accepted.

    Group is facilitated by Michelle Collins, LCMFT and Asé clinical intern(s). 

    Parent and Me Therapeutic Play Group

    Join a therapeutic play group for parents and their child between ages 3-6. The goals of this group are: 

    • Create healthy relationships between parent and child
    • Help children learn to trust and follow instructions from adults through fun and play
    • Build parent’s toolbox of interventions for managing tantrums and difficult behavior in children
    • Understand the functioning of children’s brain and how it impacts their behavior
    • Parents have time to enjoy children with support from licensed therapist
    • Create community with other parents of young children

    When and Where?

    Every Other Saturday from 10am-11am

    10 W. Eager Street Baltimore, MD 21201

    Who is the group for?

    This group is for any adult or teenager over the age of 16 that has a loved one struggling with addiction. This group is also open to family members of loved ones who are now in recovery.

    What to Expect?

    The goals of the group are:

    • Create community with other people impacted by a loved one’s addiction
    • Develop tools for maintaining boundaries with loved ones and their addiction
    • Create a mindset that allows participants to understand what is in their control and what is not
    • Learn the science of addiction
    • Develop language to discuss how loved one’s addiction has impacted or currently impacts the participant 
    • Discuss feelings about addiction in a safe space facilitated by licensed mental health providers

    Group is led by licensed therapist, Michelle Collins, LCMFT. Michelle has years of experience supporting dysfunctional families and also has lived experience as a family member of an addict.

    Family Members of Addicts Support Group

    Join a support group for family members of addicts. This group is perfect for children, partners, spouses, aunts, uncles, extended family, and friends of someone who is currently or previously struggling with addiction. This group is especially eager to have Black and Brown family members that have been impacted by a loved one struggling with addiction. Donations of $10 are asked but not required to attend.

    When and Where?

    Every Friday 1pm-2pm EST

    Google Meet

    Who is the group for?

    This group is for adoptees of all backgrounds age 21 and up. The group is open to anyone across the US. Those who are international may be eligible, please contact us to speak more. 

    What to Expect?

    The goals of the group are to:

    • Create community with other adult adoptees
    • Hold discussions on the impact of loss and grief on one’s life
    • Experience non-judgmental space to discuss adoption trauma
    • Be validated in one’s experience as an adoptee

    Virtual Adult Adoptee Support Group

    Join a support group for adult adoptees. This group is open to adoptees from any background including international, domestic, open, and closed adoptions. This group is meant for adoptees age 21 and up. The group will be led by adoption-competent therapist, Michelle Collins, LCMFT. A $20 donation is asked but not required to attend this group.