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    How long are your therapy sessions?

    As the client, this is your time. We offer 30-minute, 50-minute, and 90-minute sessions. For couples and families, please note that 90-minute sessions may be strongly recommended depending on goals and current challenges.

    Do you offer phone or virtual therapy?

    Yes, we offer virtual sessions. 

    How long will I be in therapy?

    This depends on your goals and your growth areas. On average, most people see the changes they want within 3 months of consistent therapy and following therapist recommendations.

    What do I do if therapy feels bad or I don’t like it?

    At Asé, we value transparency and collaboration. If you are not having the experience you want in therapy, you can let your therapist know or contact the owner, Michelle Collins, LCMFT, to discuss your concerns. We will work with you to identify the best plan of action to provide the experience you are looking for.

    What is your approach to therapy and change?

    Great question! We have therapists of different background but that all focus on the same thing: empowering clients to create the change they want to see in their life. All therapists use a collaborative approach with clients and have trained in a variety of subjects to teach and support clients. Contact us to schedule a free, 15-minute, consultation to learn more about our philosophy of therapy and change.