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    Family Therapy

    Whether you’re facing challenges with your family of origin or family of choice, as your family therapist, we are here to allow voices be heard; and then collaborate to develop a healthier and happier family dynamic. Entering therapy with your loved ones can seem exciting (or daunting); with counseling, we help families discover new ways of interacting, process old memories, and reconnect. Family therapy can be helpful in addressing:

    • Communication Issues
    • Adolescent Challenges
    • Self-Harming
    • Childhood abuse
    • Coparenting
    • Grief and loss
    • Attachment issues between parent and child

    We work with families of all backgrounds (biological, foster, adoptive) and makeups. If any of your family members attending therapy will be under the age of 14, please contact us to ensure we can meet the needs of your family.