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    Birth and Postpartum Doula Support

    Asé Doula Services are offered by trained doula, Michelle Collins.

    Michelle completed her doula training with a DONA certified teacher, Nicole Heidebreder, in 2019. She is the mother to a beautiful son and is now looking to support other birthing people in having the birthing experience that they want. You can listen to Michelle’s birth story here.

    Your body, your birth, your baby

    Asé virtual doula services include:

    1. Prenatal Check-ins beginning at 28 weeks
    2. Birth Plan Design + Review
    3. Phone, Email, and Video Support
    4. Virtual Labor Support
    5. Breastfeeding Support and Resources
    6. Post Labor Processing Session
    7. Partner Support
    8. Parenting Check-in
    9. Connection to Info & Experts

    Asé also offers limited postpartum doula services that can include but are not limited to:

    1. Meal Preparation
    2. Baby Wearing Support
    3. Infant Feeding Support
    4. Light housekeeping
    5. Newborn Assistance

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How much are your virtual birth doula services?

    A: Our virtual doula services are offered based on a gift system. This means that doula services are offered as a gift by Michelle and families can reward that gift how they see fit. However, there is no expectation of payment.

    Q: I don’t know what a doula does – do I really need one?

    A: Research shows that birth outcomes improve with the presence of a doula. To learn more about how our doula services can help you, please email Michelle at [email protected]

    Q: I’m having a c-section, do I still need a doula?

    A: A doula can be helpful in all birth plans. To learn more about how we support folks having c-sections, please contact us.